Compelling content will capture your customers’ attention and drive engagement and conversion. Innovative Growth Agency strategizes and creates results-driven, optimized content.


70% of all customers prefer to get to know a brand through original content instead of ads.

Content marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that can give your site a huge conversion boost. It can also drive traffic and raise awareness of your brand with highly targeted content.
By researching your market and the kinds of content that they consume, we can craft campaigns that answer their questions or solve problems that are very specific to your market. With carefully-crafted buyer personas and brand positioning, we create engaging, informative content published and distributed in blogs and social media posts that make your brand the hero.

Content marketing drives traffic and conversion by ranking for the terms your customers search for.

But it goes beyond search engine optimization– content marketing tells your story, engages with your audience, and gives your brand a unique voice.
With a sustained content marketing effort and content tailored to your audience, you’ll get more and better leads and conversions while positioning yourself as an authority in your industry.


The foundation of a content marketing strategy is the buyer persona: a detailed guide that outlines your audience’s needs and motivations. With this persona you’ll get keyword research, brand positioning and topic ideation for the entire campaign. The result? Tailored, targeted content that engages.
With carefully-positioned keywords and topics, as well as strategically-placed internal links and calls-to-action, you can be at every part of the buyer’s journey. You’ll inform, educate, and entertain with the goal of driving visitors to your website. This is where they can become leads and, ultimately, sales.


We’ll deliver campaigns that are aligned with your business’s goals. Whether it’s to raise brand awareness or to promote a specific service, or to drive more sales from a segment of your market, we’ll engineer content that will let you hit your targets.
Using an approach that is data-driven and leverages on your knowledge of your customers, we can create personas that accurately represent your audience and fuel impactful content marketing.
Good content marketing is adaptive. It’s a continuous process of creation, performance monitoring, and tweaking your content until you end up with a conversion-driving machine. Well-crafted content is also evergreen, relevant and driving leads long after the campaign is over. Get in touch and let’s talk about the possibilities.


At Innovative Growth Agency, you’ll find a level of expertise that blows the competition today.